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East to West Hunting Podcast

Sep 9, 2019

The Trans Adirondack Route, Reverse Retirement, and Thru Hiking - with special guest and author Erik Schlimmer

We're in the Adirondacks this week with outdoor author Erik Schlimmer talking about thru hiking, books, and how places get their names. Erik is a co-founding member of the Trans Adirondack Route; a 240 mile thru hiking path across the heart of Adirondack Mountains. He's written and published eight outdoor books and has camped over 1,000 nights in the woods. Erik Schlimmer is the author of "Thru Hikers Guide to America" (2005), Blue Line to Blue Line (2013) and My Adirondacks (2015, voted Best Memoir by the Adirondack Center for Writing) among many others.

There's more to the Adirondacks than just the High Peaks. We're talking about Erik's background, his passion for thru hiking and why he likes hunters.


Check out the Trans Adirondack Route on their website by clicking HERE

Check out Erik's books, including his upcoming exclusive coffee table book Color Remote, at his Beechwood Books website by clicking HERE

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