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East to West Hunting Podcast

May 24, 2018

This week, we're talking with Adirondack guide Jamie Frasier who just returned home from a Kodiak Island, AK spring bear hunting trip. Jamie was a packer and camp chef on this trip for his long time friend and highly respected Alaskan guide George Wescott of Wasilla, AK and Pottersville, NY. This is a great story. We talk about getting to and from Kodiak, bear country safety precautions, glassing up bears, close encounters of the Ursa-kind, and more. Even if you never plan to hunt Kodiak for bears, you'll enjoy this one and learn a bunch. Here are four good pieces of advice from Jamie for DIY hunters that are applicable in many general backcountry situations: 1. Pay attention to your scent - don't go stinking a place up. 2. Be mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of a DIY trip 3. Follow good backcountry camping rules in bear country - don't cook in the tent you're using for sleep, use containers, keep your camp and dishes clean, and use a bear fence. 4. Satellite phone - bring one if you're in a remote place, you'll be glad you did.