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East to West Hunting Podcast

Jan 21, 2019

Episode 43: Adirondack Deer Hunting with special guests Pat & Tony Salerno

If you're interested in improving your Adirondack big woods hunting, you're going to want to listen to this episode with Pat & Tony Salerno. The Salerno family has a long history of Adirondack deer hunting success and they share some incredible tips with our listeners. They talk about reading buck body language through tracks, trail camera work, understanding topographic maps, hunting aggressively, upcoming seminars, and Adirondack hunting with Gus Congemi of Live the Wild Life TV.


The Salerno Brothers from the Adirondack High Peaks region of northern New York are considered some of the most successful, consistent, aggressive big woods deer hunters in the Eastern US. They hunt public land in some of the most rugged and remote Adirondack backcountry available. Pat Jr. and Tony Salerno have been featured on Live the Wild Life TV with Gus Congemi. They teach seminars and workshops throughout the Northeast to help you shorten your learning curve.

Websites & Links

ADK Bucks: To buy one of their Adirondack Bigwoods Buck Hunting DVDs and check out their website click HERE

TopoMaps+ - Get the #1 app recommended by Tony & Pat Salerno Jr. by clicking HERE

Live the Wild Life TV: Check out Gus Congemi's Live the Wild Life TV show on the Pursuit Channel by clicking HERE

Learn about Todd Waldron's 2018 Adirondack big woods buck on the East to West Hunting Podcast Episode 39: Adirondack Deer Hunting on Snowshoes by clicking HERE