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East to West Hunting Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

Sage Grouse Conservation with Ed Arnett - Chief Scientist at Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Listen this week as TRCP's Chief Scientist Ed Arnett provides an update on sage grouse and explains why all Americans should care about this iconic species and its vast habitat that spans eleven western states.

Ed gives our listeners a comprehensive rundown on what we should know about sage grouse, including the following:

  • history of sage grouse conservation
  • habitat loss vs. habitat degradation
  • lek sites
  • Sage Grouse Initiative
  • mitigation
  • no net loss
  • the 2010 'listed but precluded' ruling
  • 2015 Obama era planning
  • preferred habitat structure
  • state, federal and private partnerships
  • Current BLM planning changes


This American Land story on sage grouse:

NRCS Sage Grouse Initiative:

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Sagebrush Initiative:

FEE Article on Sage grouse:

FEE article on the political pendulum

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